Monday, February 14, 2011

Equal Access


 As a new educator in the 21st century, I feel that I need to be on top of all the technology that there is out there. Children now in the 21st century are exposed to some kind of technology during their daily lives. Some children are able to have cell phones, others have video games and some are able to use a home computer on a daily basis. There are also technology like iPads, iPods, laptops. These are great technology that surrounds us during our daily lives, but unfortunately not every child is able to have access to these items. How do we new teachers make it fair to have equal access to the digital world to all learners?

I feel that we as educators are able to teach our students all the same when it comes to technology, as long as we are giving the students the opportunity to use what they are teaching in the school. To make it fair, the teachers should allow the student to complete their assignment during class time because there are students who don't have access to what we might at schools. Another obstacle a teacher may find when trying to incorporate technology into her teaching is that the school might not have enough for all students. But that is when the teacher can modify her lesson and maybe get students who get to work in groups of 2 and have them share computer time together.It might sound impossible, but in my mind I have this picture of it just working and everyone getting the same opportunity.

I think another way of providing equal access to the digital world is that teachers are able to share their work with other teachers through online, and students are able to share their ideas with other students online. Teachers could teach students on how it's done and actually do lesson plans together with other teachers from different schools. This can be done with teachers in the US and outside of the US. 

Having equal access to technology for every child seems like it can be challenging, but i feel that it can be done. Teachers just need to think outside of the box, and i'm sure we will all do the right thing for our students. 

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