Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Classroom Teacher As a 21st Century Instructional Leader

K12 Online Conference:

The Classroom Teacher As a 21st Century Instructional Leader with TimTyson

I watched a powerpoint presentation done by Tim Tyson and he spoke highly about how the United States is pretty much short changing out students in their education. Education in the United States is not priority, we here are too busy focusing on what is important for them individually. Tim used Finland as an example. In Finland they are # 2 in Math and the United States comes in # 17. Finland has something that the US doesn't have, Finland has their Sisu; which means strength of will, get together and help each other, everyone's well being is their well being. Everyone comes together when there is a problem. Unfortunatly Tim said that all he sees in the US is Anger. Tim spoke with a David Gergen and he said that the binary choices of the US is either/or, for/against, liberal/conservative, black/white, republican/democratic. Tim said that we have to invest more in our children's education. We are a reactive nation when we need to be proactive. The US is in so much debt that we can't afford to be proactive.

Tim goes on to say where is the American Dream?  Kids in schools don't really believe that tomorrow can be any btter then today is. They can't see a better tomorrow because of the things they are learning today. Education in Finland is number one. They pay for their teachers education, they have the best and brightest become teachers. The teachers get a lot of training, the class size's are in their 20's and EVERY child receives FREE lunch. Students seemed to be treasured in Finland.

Tim suggests that WE AS TEACHERS we should LEAD as NEVER BEFORE! We should be sharing our work, share our students work, use technology, work together. They only way this can be accomplished is if we LEAD! "FOR A CHANGE INVEST IN A BRIGHTER FUTURE FOR OUR STUDENTS!" Tim Tyson.

I couldn't agree more with Tim, he has made some great points in his powerpoint presentation. We here in the US have to put our children's education first! They are the future. We need them to keep the US running succesfully. Not that we are right now, but we need bright young students to make a difference, and the way we are doing things now, unfortunatly I don't see that happening. The US has to come as a whole, and work towards the future, and compramise.

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