Saturday, March 26, 2011

Teacher Education Can't Ignore Technology

         The article I chose to read was written by Monica Martinez. This article was very interesting to read because it has a lot of ideas of how to use technology to help students learn. When she first starts off the article she mentions that newly minted teachers complain that their teacher education doesn't prepare them to teach in the real world. I think that I would have to disagree with that. I don't have any teaching experience, but while completing this teaching program I feel that the teachers give you a lot of tools in which you can work with in the classroom when you go on your own.
          What I LOVED about this article is that it talked about different ways that they teach students how to use games on the computer, but yet they are learning math, spelling, reading, etc all at the same time. She gave examples of different schools that incorporate a lot of technology into their teaching, and it seems that the success rate is pretty high. The students are excited to learn, because they are learning while they are doing something fun, interesting, and new.
              Teaching students through technology is very important in the century that we live right now. Everything around us is based through technology. Technology is involving so fast, that it's important for us to help ourselves to keep up with it, and help our students also. Teaching them through technology will help them better themselves when they are out in the real world working already.
            There's a quote that she uses at the end of the article from a professor from Harvard University Chris Dede said this for teachers who are certified K-12 " “If you were going to see a doctor and the doctor said, ‘I’ve been really busy since I got out of medical school, and so I’m going to treat you with the techniques I learned back then,’ you’d be rightly incensed. . . . Yet there are a lot of faculty who say with a straight face, ‘I don’t need to change my teaching,’ as if nothing has been learned about teaching since they had been prepared to do it — if they’ve ever been prepared to.” I agree with this quote because teachers need to be ready and willing to change their teaching style. Teachers need to be prepared to incorporate new ideas into their classroom. Always be fresh with teaching their students. Teachers shouldn't be scared to teach in new ways. If something doesn't work, then try it a different way. Teachers should NEVER say that they don't have the time to incorporate technology  into their lesson. There is always time to use technology. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Final Blog

How has your opinion changed (or why has it stayed the same) over the past 11 weeks regarding Technology Integration?

      This is my second computer class that I have taken in my masters. I have come to a conclusion that integrating technology into the classroom is FANTASTIC! It seems that it makes everything more interesting for the students. The way we live now a days it's very important to keep with technology. It's important to help our students keep up with the technology out there, to help them be more successful in school and in life. There are many different tools for us as teachers to use when teaching a lesson. It helps to keep the students engaged in the lesson more I believe. There are also a lot of tools that actually simplifies learning for the students, which that is always a plus. So i'd have to say that my opinion grows stronger and stronger each time I learn a new way to integrate technology in the classroom.